2014 Sprinter vs Promaster iBook

A comparison guide to break down the details and advantages of the Sprinter Van. The layout combined text and data with large silhouetted photos. The design’s sharp angles and seamless sliding backgrounds allow for an immersive interactive experience. 

Category: Interactive

Skills: Photoshop, iBooks, Illustrator, layout, retouching

Torque Creative

May–June 2014


Competitive Comparison

Mercedes-Benz dealership reference material for the redesign of the Sprinter Van. The designs needed to balance dense technical specifications with bold graphics. The 8.5x11 printed brooklet is an overview of the Sprinter vs it's two main competitors, it was later expanded into two interactive iBooks.

Category: Print

Skills: InDesign, Photoshop, Layout

Torque Creative

July 2013